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Baby Fleece Blankets: The Benefits Of Them And Why You Should Have One.

Did you know that baby blankets are more than just cute and warm blankets?

Personalized baby flee blanket with baby's name and cute elephant and flowers

Baby fleece blankets are more than what you think. Let’s start by briefly talking about fleece and the benefits of it.

There are many different types of fleeces; however, the most popular are coral and polar fleece. Fleece is a synthetic fabric made of high-quality polyester that was primarily made for outdoors and mountain climbers to withstand severe weather conditions. It was very clear that fleece was a complete success that served its purpose; as a result, fleece was turned into almost anything such as hats, scarves, jackets, gloves/mittens, and blankets for consumer use.

So now moving from a brief introduction about fleece and its origin, let’s begin with the benefits of it. The first benefit of fleece, compared to other type of fabric or material, is that it is lighter than wool and yet it is still warm and fuzzy. This makes it a better choice for baby clothes or baby sleeping bags for newborns and other products because it will not put a lot of weight on our little ones. Fleece blankets make it a perfect way to keep your child covered and warmed without being suffocated.        

                          soft and warm personalized baby fleece blanket with baby's name for baby girl and boy | hunny bubba kids                  

Unlike wool, cotton, Sherpa or other materials; Fleece is hypoallergenic. This means that fleece is skin friendly and does not cause any irritation or rashes to the skin. Moreover, baby fleece blankets are the number one choice for parents because fleece is gentle with their delicate baby’s skin and it is always keeping them comfortable and cozy. 

Another benefit of fleece is its property to be able to hold warmth and create an insulation without suffocating the body or making your baby uncomfortable. This makes it perfect for blankets as fleece is generally warmer than wool but does not overheat the body when using it. Furthermore, fleece contains air pockets that allow to repel moisture while keeping the body dry and warm. Fleece blankets do not cause the body to sweat, as this could potentially make the body colder.

 Lastly, fleece (especially coral fleece) will not pill, forming balls of fabric or tangled fabric due to the way the fabric is processed and the quality of it. Fleece, especially coral, makes the perfect material for baby blankets because it is durable, strong, withstands many washes and it is quickly to dry. Baby Fleece blankets are the number one must-have products at home all year round.

Group of soft personalized baby fleece balnkets customized with baby's name in one basket | hunny bubba kids

 Why should everyone have one? Keeping in mind all the great benefits that fleece has, and why fleece is the number one choice for baby blankets; everyone should have one because, as mentioned above, fleece blankets provide warmth to your child without causing him/her to sweat and feel discomfort.

 The other main reason why you should have one is because fleece blankets provide warmth that attempts to replicate a mother’s womb. This creates a sense of security, protection, and calmness that the womb provided while the baby was inside. It helps the baby still feel as if he/she was in the womb by helping the baby sleep or nap better without startling themselves. This tends to happen often as babies are not used to sleeping in this new and colder environment that is completely different from the womb.

Baby fleece blankets by providing a sense of security and protection, help reduce levels of stress or anxiety that a baby might feel when a parent is not around. Babies and infants tend to create a bond or association toward something that makes them feel safe. This can be a toy, a plush toy, a pillow, or a blanket. They tend to have this around or hug it when they feel scared or stressed. Baby fleece blankets are not only warm and soft, but they all provide this sense of security and bonding and all the other benefits with the baby. These fleece blankets can also help develop a baby’s sense of independence when the parents are not around by practising self-comfort with the blanket.

                               Baby girl holding her soft and warm personalized baby fleece blanket customized with baby's name | Hunny Bubba Kids               

Lastly as mentioned above, fleece is the most prefer material for baby blankets due to its quality and texture that allows for printing a wide variety of designs, personalizing the blanket with the baby’s name, baby’s birth information and any other text, being durable and washable many times and much more. Customizing the baby’s blanket with his/her name also leads to creating a sense of independence and teaching them the importance of their name as this is what identifies them from others as they grow.


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