About Us

Hunny Bubba Kids is a baby boutique founded in 2020 in Canada. Hunny Bubba  was founded by first time parents who sought the need to provide other parents with the ability to find and personalize good quality products that allow for a more fun and practical daily living with your little babies.

Since the birth of our little baby, our world completely changed. We want to help other parents to provide their babies with beautiful and unique personalized gifts as we know how they mean everything to you. We enjoy to provide you with cute products that will make you and your baby happy.  
We want the best for your baby, and make sure they have what they need.

Our beautiful baby inspired us to create this beautiful boutique that is completely dedicated to other parents  and families who share the same vision and love for their babies.


We aim to deliver an easy and great way of shopping for your little babies. Whether you want to personalize something or not, Hunny Bubba kids has the right item for you. 

Welcome to our shop where we guarantee your satisfaction: