How and Why Hunny Bubba Kids Started? 🐻👶

How and Why Hunny Bubba Kids Started? 🐻👶

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Well...everything begins somewhere right? Here is our story.

It was summer of 2019, we were a couple who loved to travel the world and enjoy the best sides of life. Little did we know that we have been blessed that same year. We had just come back from our nice vacation in Los Cabos, and we were already thinking where to go next. One day, I began to notice that I had morning sickness for the whole week...I thought to myself "Could I be pregnant? could this really be true?". We decided to go to the doctor to see what this could be...and here it was one of the best days of our lives. The doctor told us that I was pregnant!! that's right, pregnant!.

Fast forward to the day our angel was born- we were first time parents and could not be any happier!. Like any other parents,we wanted the best for our baby and we were already thinking and planning what to do to help him grow healthy, strong and smart, and what to buy him to help him achieve these goals. We wanted to make sure that the things we bought were very special and would be meaningful throughout his upbringing.

We once bought a chewy mitten for babies to chew during his teething stage. This mitten said "one size fits all", but it did not fit our baby's hand, and he also did not like it. We began to look for pacifier clips that came with a teether as a set, but we were unable to find any. We wanted to find personalized pacifier clips with our baby's name, but we were also unable to find any. Very unhappy and unsatisfied, we went home empty handed. We had the great idea, this idea was to make a personalized pacifier clip and teether for our baby. This is how our first product was born and created. We realized that we wanted to create more personalized gifts for parents and their beautiful babies, so we came up with the ideas of beautiful, soft and warm personalized baby blankets

We sought the need and opportunity to create a place to provide other parents with special and personalized gifts that were meaningful and unique to their little bundles of joy. We also sought the need to provide functional products to help parents and their children during their beautiful stages of growing up.

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