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Montessori Activities for Babies Pt.2

As mentioned in our previous blog post (Read our pt1 here before continuing if you haven’t), we can start implementing activities to our babies from a very early age. We just need to keep in mind what stage of age they are in, and what interests they are showing toward. During the baby development, it is very crucial to include language activities that include talking and communicating with your baby every time you are interacting with him/her, singing to the baby, talking slow so they can absorb information and facial expressions.  


9 to 12 Months: At this stage, the babies start to understand the words that are said to them. They will listen, smile, and try to communicate. Normally babies will make sounds or yell while moving all their limbs. This is a very important stage for the baby’s development.

  • Continued to talk, sign, sign, read to them.
  • At this stage, the baby starts to explore their environment, try not to say “no” or “don’t do that”. This is the time they are learning through their senses and developing them.
  • According to the Montessori way, try to teach your baby by teaching them the “hows and whys” of things. For example, if the baby throws the food on the floor, say “the food goes on the tray or in the mouth”. This is where you would have to teach by example.

12 Months +: At this stage, the baby might say their first word. For example, they might say simple things like water, up or milk).

  • Materials like replicas can be introduced, such as animal figurines, tools, etc., and gives them the appropriate names.
  • Continue talking, singing to them, and communicating every time.
  • Implement baby sized furniture with simple and few activates for them to start doing and interacting with.
  • Introduce a walk wagon for them to hold onto, push and start to slowly practice supported walking.
  • Provide a mat for your baby to continue moving freely, crawling, and exploring the area.

To conclude, Montessori activities are meant to be simple and do not required a lot things or will not break the bank. The idea of Montessori is that less is more and allows the baby to feel interested and concentrated in what he/she likes. Too many activities can make the child overwhelm and distract him/her from the activities. Montessori activities can be implemented from 0 months all the way to childhood and even older. The activity normally depends on the stage or age you baby is in and whatever interest they show towards. From 9 months and onwards, the baby’s development is important as they can communicate more with sounds and facial expressions. It is important to continue communicating with your baby at all times to develop and strengthen their communication skills. At 12 months, it is also important to introduce replicas and animal figures for them to learn and identify animals and their surroundings.

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