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Hunny Wearable Breast Pump

Hunny Wearable Breast Pump

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Experience the freedom and convenience of our Hunny Wearable Breast Pump.


" It fit perfectly without adjustment. It does very good job in suctions. I produce more milk Compare to without using any. This flange is soft and fits perfectly with the silicone flange."

Suzanne Stewart ✅ Verified Buyer

Designed to be portable and easy to use, Our Hunny Wearable Breast Pump will help you relieve your breasts and get lots of milk pumped anytime you need to. Make your life easier!


woman showing how to put breast pump on breast and how discreet it looks

 Reasons Why the Hunny Wearable Pump Will Change Your Life


✅ COMFORTABLE & CONVINIENT: With a wearable breast pump, you can pump milk without having to sit in one place for a long time. Wear it while doing household chores or running errands, without anyone even noticing.  


✅ PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: The compact design makes it easy to take the pump with you wherever you go. You can easily fit it in your bag or purseyou can multitask and be productive while pumping milk.


woman emptying her breast milk she got from using her wearable breast pump.


✅ COST-EFFECTIVE & CUSTOMIZABLE SETTINGS: Th By using a wearable breast pump, you can save money on formula and feeding supplies, while still providing your baby with the nourishment they need. You can also adjust the suction strength and speed to your comfort level.


✅ EASY TO CLEAN: The wearable breast pump is easy to disassemble and clean, which means you can quickly and easily maintain its hygiene. Don't need to spend lots of time cleaning it or waiting for the pump to dry, ours can be air dried quickly. 


woman using her hands to show how the buttons and setting from the wearable breast pump works


Overall, a wearable breast pump offers mothers a comfortable, convenient, and efficient way to provide breast milk to their babies. It's a cost-effective and healthy option that can benefit both the mother and the baby.


The wearable breast pump is designed to mimic a baby's sucking pattern, which means it can help increase milk production and reduce pumping time.  

two women smiling and showing and using their wearable breast pump under their shirt


✅ Be ready to pump anywhere you are at any time and keep your baby well-fed. Invest in your Wearable Breast Pump.




  • Curated rubber.
  • Non-slip and wear resistant foam.

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Care Instructions

  • Spot clean with a cloth and water.
  • Wash under running water and clean them with a cloth.
  • Do not leave to dry under direct sunlight for too long.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Rosina Crona

I bought this breast pump to try to give my breasts relief and it had worked very well. it has helped me pumped a lot of milk and relieves the tension on my breasts.

Stephanie Huels

I bought some, they are wonderful. They suction well and help you get a lot of milk out of you.

Francesca Hodgeson

It fits very well on my breast and around the aerola. It is great to wear under your shirt or bra and do some chores around the house as you pump.

Dannica Johns

I think this is a great size for a wearable pump machine tbh. I like how it fits on the breast and it helps me pump at any time as needed.

Felicitas Mitchell

OMG i think this pump is very good for its cost compared to other pumps out there. It's portable and it does a good job at getting the milk out of me.

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